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You can consult your trusted dealer for inquiry, you can also visit our official website: or call our sales hotline: + 86-592-6300621 for inquiry, We will reply your inquiry within 24 hours (excluding rest days).

Order & Delivery


A complete set of solution together with its quotation detail will be offered according to your actual monitoring inquiry. After your confirmation on the items and prices, we will sign a commercial contract with you. Production will be arranged as soon as confirmation on the receiving of the amount according to the order as signed.


Goods will be delivered according to your preferred delivery way, either by sea, or by air, or by express. We will help to check a better logistics price for your reference and choice.


Maintenance, Suppport & Upgrade Service

Warranty period for all our items is 2 years from the date we send them out. Once it is confirmed our quality problem, we will resend the items free of charge. While site vandalism, items be stolen, improper use by user, unauthorized maintenance, the implementation of alterations such as man-made damage, unpredictable catastrophic damage, etc. are not covered by this service.

We provide life-long maintenance service for our customers. When it exceeds our warranty time, if some spare parts need to be replaced to avoid equipment malfunction, we will charge the spare parts cost only, maintenance is free.

Upgrade service for software system is free for life.




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